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Brazil Center seeks to serve a broad community of all ages and backgrounds, residing in or visiting the greater Northwest. This includes those who are curious about Brazilian culture and are looking for an initial exposure, friends and regular guests of Brazilian cultural events, and people of Brazilian heritage.

Throughout Brazilian events in recent years, we have witnessed a growth of the Brazilian community, especially in the Greater Seattle area. 


Mission Statement

The mission of BrasilFest is to expose our community to Brazilian arts and traditions during the week of the Brazilian Folklore Day (August 22). This is a unique mission, as this day is not usually celebrated outside of Brazil. In Brazil, this event is an important educational tool in continuing Brazilian folkloric traditions. Our mission goes beyond keeping traditions alive, and combines traditional and contemporary Brazilian expressions. It provides an opportunity to bring together all artists and organizations concerned with Brazil and to unite them in one venue. Thereby we hope to increase the visibility of the Brazilian cultural landscape to our community.

Brazil Center
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